Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I like to see my baby smile

A few days ago, my baby cried loud at night. He refused to drink milk and it made me confuse. It turned out that he wanted me to change his diaper. After I changed his diaper, my baby smiled several times and I liked to see my baby smiled. He looked very handsome when he was smile.

Monday, March 30, 2015

I just bought new baby clothes for my baby

I just bought new baby clothes for my baby at baby shop Giant Botani Square Bogor. I purchased two shirts and two short pants. I spent about $8 to buy the shirts and the short pants. I bought new clothes because the old clothes now are too small for my baby.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

My cute baby Dario

This is my cute baby Dario. You may curious about Dario because many articles on this blog are about him. I made this video when he was less than one month. He likes to make funny expression that makes me smile or laugh, just like on this video.

Friday, March 27, 2015

My baby is easy to sweat

My baby is easy to sweat now. I think it is because he is getting fatter. Now I prefer to choose short-sleeved clothes for my baby than long-sleeved clothes even my baby is still sweating when he uses short-sleeved clothes now.

My baby slept longer than he used to

Yesterday my baby slept longer than he used to. I thought it was because of the rain. My baby woke up at 22.00 last night. He used to wake up at 14:00 after my husband and I bathed him. It was because he woke up at 22:00, he didn't sleep until my husband and I bathed him this morning. Now my baby is sleeping and now there is a heavy rain outside too just like yesterday.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My baby sleeps in the morning and in the afternoon

My baby likes to sleep in the morning and in the afternoon now. He is now 35 days old. He always sleeps after my husband and I bath him. He usually wakes up every two to three hours in the morning and in the afternoon to drink milk. But, at night and early in the morning he usually doesn't sleep. At night and early in the morning he usually drinks milk every half to an hour.

My baby drinks Morinaga BMT 1

Now my baby drinks Morinaga BMT 1. I choose Morinaga BMT because it is made for 0 to 6 months old baby. My husband just bought Morinaga BMT 1 800 grams at Grand Swalayan Bogor for 157.000 rupiahs. 800 grams of Morinaga BMT 1 is just enough for 6 days.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Make sure you have fever medicine for your baby

If you have a baby, make sure that you have fever medicine for your baby. I just got fever medicine from the pediatrician named Sanmol in the form of drops. I asked for the fever medicine for stock at home.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My baby now is 6,6 kilograms

I just weighed my baby and now he is 6,6 kilograms. Now I have a new hobby. I like to make videos of my baby and also take pictures of him. I think I will need to change his diaper size soon as the diaper that my baby uses now is only for baby up to 8 kilograms. When I run out of diaper, I will choose to buy diaper with M size. Now I still have more than 40 diapers.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Now my baby has two teeth

Now my baby has two teeth. Actually, now he is just 31 days old. Yesterday I realized that my baby has one more tooth. I saw it when he was cried loud. I never thought that my baby would have teeth that fast. But, I am very happy to see his development. However, I hope that he can walk soon.

My baby is now one month old

Time flies very fast, my baby is now one month old. I remember when the first time I saw him after I performed Caesarian Section. At that time, I felt very happy. Now I only hope for the best for my baby. I can't wait to hear him saying his first word.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tomorrow my baby will be one month old

Tomorrow my baby will be one month old. I think I will choose to buy packs of doughnuts at Donat Madu Batutulis Bogor with writing on it to those who give me baby goods after I gave birth. A few times ago, I saw a book at Donat Madu Batutulis consisted of Doughnut with writing on it. I think we can order doughnuts with writing at Donat Madu. If I can't order doughnuts with writing on it, I think I will give rice boxes with Chinese foods dishes to those who give me baby goods after I gave birth.

My baby will become one month old soon

Two more days, my baby will become one month old. My baby is very active since he was born. He likes to kick and move his hands. Actually, I think he is active since he was on my womb. If he is awake, he always kicks and moves his hands. He also really likes to cry when he is awake. But, sometimes he can keep silence even it is just for a while. Sometimes my baby cries when he is sleeping, but it just for a few seconds. Then, he will sleep soundly again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I need to buy new clothes for my baby

Now I need to buy new clothes for my baby because many of my baby clothes are now too tight for my baby. I bought baby clothes with new born size. The seller said that I could use it until my baby was three months old. But, it turn out I have to buy new clothes when my baby is twenty five days old.

My baby is now 5 kilograms

My baby is now 5 kilograms. He is now 24 days old. My husband and I just used electronic body scale we have to weigh our baby. First, I thought that my baby was still below 5 kilograms so I still used Mamy Poko New Born for his diaper. Mamy Poko New Born is for baby up to 5 kilograms. My husband just bought Mamy Poko S for our baby. The diaper is for baby 5 kilograms to 8 kilograms. When I ran out the Mamy Poko New Born I will use the Mamy Poko S. Now I still have 6 pieces of Mamy Poko New Born.

Monday, March 16, 2015

I will cut my baby's hair soon

I will cut my baby's hair soon. I plan to cut my baby's hair when he is 40 days old. I heard many parents also cut their babies' hair when their babies are 40 days old. But, I'm still confuse about the baby's saloon I will choose. There are some baby's saloon in my city, but I don't know which one is the best one.

My baby drinks 50ml milk per hour

Now my baby drinks 50ml of milk per hour. Now he is 23 days old. He likes to spend his day sleeping. But, he always wake up every hour to drink milk. I think he feels hungry every hour. I don't know whether it is normal or not. But if I don't give him milk every hour, he will cry very loud.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

My baby has some acne on his face

My baby has some acne on his face. The sizes are very small. Actually, I'm not sure whether it is acne or else. But, it looks like acne. I'm confuse what to use to remove it. I think I will ask the doctor when I visit him. Have you ever found acne on your baby's face too? If yes, what did you do to remove it. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Now my baby is 3 weeks old

Today my baby is 3 weeks old. He looks fatter and more chubby than when the first time I saw him. He also looks healthier now and I am very happy for it. He drinks more milk than he used to. Now he can drink more than 100ml of milk at once. But, sometimes he just drink 60ml of milk. My baby usually drinks milk every one to three hours. Usually after my husband and I bath him, my baby will sleep longer than he usually sleeps. He can sleep for three hours. He usually just sleep for one hour to two hour before he cries because he wants to drink milk again.

My baby had a tooth when he was born

My baby had a tooth when he was born. Many people didn't believe this. But, this really happens. I realized about it when I was breast-feeding. I felt hurt, it just like my baby bit me. Then, I opened his mouth and I found a tooth. I was very surprised and I told it to my husband. The nurse at the hospital said that it could happen if I consumed calcium during my pregnancy.

How to save money on baby's stuff

To save money on baby's stuff, you need to compare prices of baby's goods you want to buy in different places. Sometimes the difference is quite a lot. My husband also did it recently as he accidentally found that the price difference for diapers at different store was quite a lot. Besides, you can also change your baby's milk if you think that it is too expensive. There are many choices for baby's milk on the market, you can find out the prices first before you make a decision.

What you need to know in bathing newborn baby

If you never bathed newborn baby, you maybe panic when you bath your baby and he or she continues to cry loud. Actually, this happens when you use too cold water. If you use warm water that makes the baby feels comfortable, he or she will not cry loud. My husband and I found out about this after we bathed our baby several times. We usually bath our baby after I sunbathe our baby. I usually go to my garden to sunbathe our baby for 30 minutes every morning. I usually sunbathe my baby at 07:30 to 08:00.

I used home care for baby

I used home care for baby for four days after I went home from the hospital. At that time, I used home care of Bogor Medical Center. It costs 150.000 rupiahs per visit. It is including baby bath service, sunbathe baby service and baby massage service. The home care performed by the nurse who takes care of baby at the hospital. For each visit, I met different nurse. It takes two hours for each home care visit. After my baby's umbilical cord loose, my husband and I bath our baby.

How to change your baby's milk

First, my baby used Hypoallergenic milk as I thought he had allergic as he had some red spots on his skin since he was born. Yesterday someone called me to tell me about milk product I didn't use. I thought she got my cell phone number from the hospital where I performed Caesarian Section. She said that to change my baby's milk, first I needed to mix the old milk with the new milk. First I need to use more old milk than the new milk, then I can use less old milk and use more new milk. At the end, I can use the new milk without using the old milk anymore. Yesterday my husband bought new milk. The milk was not Hypoallergenic milk as I wanted my baby to use regular milk because the regular milk was easier to buy and I was worried if I continued to use Hypoallergenic milk my baby would have bad immune. Luckily, my baby had no problem after I changed the milk.

What you need to know as new parent

As new parents, my husband and I did many mistakes. First, we must change our bed sheet several times because our baby dropped milk on it and urinate on it. So, it is important to use underpad before we put our baby on our bed. My husband and I always change our baby diaper and clothes on our bed. Besides, we also usually put him on our bed after we bath him. One day, he was urinate the bed after we bathed him. When my husband changed his diaper, he was urinate the bed too. My husband and I also used Sebamed liquid soap to bath our baby because one of our relatives said that she used it too. Her son had some red spots on his skin after he was born just like our baby. Then, my husband bought the soap, but it caused more red spots. I thought it was because the soap mixed with the warm water we used to bath our baby and after that we didn't use clean warm water to rinse our baby. After several days, I saw my baby had more red spots and I realized that I used the wrong soap. It turned out after I used regular soap and I changed my baby's clothes often when it is wet, the red spots on my baby's skin disappeared.

Become new parent is not easy

Become new parent is not easy. First, my husband and I never thought that become a new parent was not easy. It turned out we couldn't sleep almost all the time to take care our baby. The nurse said that I must give my baby milk every three hours. But, in fact my baby want to drink milk every one hour. My husband and I also must change our baby diaper often. Sometimes, we must change his clothes too because he is sweating or he drops milk on his clothes. My husband and I were sick at the beginning we became new parents as we were lack of sleep. Besides, sometimes it is very difficult for us to get time to eat or just take a bath. In the morning, we must bath our baby too.

My baby performed Phototherapy

My baby performed Phototherapy at Bogor Medical Center because when I wanted to go home, the nurse said that the doctor recommended my baby to perform Phototherapy as he had bilirubin level of 12,8. My baby performed Phototherapy for two days. On the first day after the Phototherapy, his bilirubin level was still 11,5. The nurse said that baby with bilirubin level more than 12 was recommended to perform Phototherapy. When the bilirubin level is 15, the baby will become yellow. My husband and I were worried about our baby so much. My husband and I stayed for more two days at the hospital to wait our baby during the Phototherapy. We prayed a lot at that time so that our baby would get better. On the second day of Phototherapy, our baby bilirubin level turned into 8,9. My husband and I felt very happy at that time. We finally went home after our baby perform Phototherapy for two days.

About my baby

Since my baby was born, he experienced some sickness. First, my husband and I gave our baby name Ares Ryan. But because our baby continued to get some sickness, we decided to change his name into Dario Pacomio. Pacomio means healthy. We chose that name because we hoped that our baby would be healthy after we changed his name.
This is my baby picture before he was sick.

Friday, March 13, 2015

My Caesarian Section experience

On 21st of February 2015, I performed Caesarian Section at Bogor Medical Center. It is one of the hospitals in my town. Actually, first I wanted to perform the Caesarian Section at 14:00. But in fact, I performed the Caesarian Section earlier. I started the Caesarian Section at 13:00. The Caesarian Section took almost one hour. But, after that I must take a bed rest for 24 hour.
This is the picture of my baby after he left the Caesarian Section room. My husband took this picture.