Saturday, March 14, 2015

My baby performed Phototherapy

My baby performed Phototherapy at Bogor Medical Center because when I wanted to go home, the nurse said that the doctor recommended my baby to perform Phototherapy as he had bilirubin level of 12,8. My baby performed Phototherapy for two days. On the first day after the Phototherapy, his bilirubin level was still 11,5. The nurse said that baby with bilirubin level more than 12 was recommended to perform Phototherapy. When the bilirubin level is 15, the baby will become yellow. My husband and I were worried about our baby so much. My husband and I stayed for more two days at the hospital to wait our baby during the Phototherapy. We prayed a lot at that time so that our baby would get better. On the second day of Phototherapy, our baby bilirubin level turned into 8,9. My husband and I felt very happy at that time. We finally went home after our baby perform Phototherapy for two days.

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