Saturday, March 14, 2015

What you need to know as new parent

As new parents, my husband and I did many mistakes. First, we must change our bed sheet several times because our baby dropped milk on it and urinate on it. So, it is important to use underpad before we put our baby on our bed. My husband and I always change our baby diaper and clothes on our bed. Besides, we also usually put him on our bed after we bath him. One day, he was urinate the bed after we bathed him. When my husband changed his diaper, he was urinate the bed too. My husband and I also used Sebamed liquid soap to bath our baby because one of our relatives said that she used it too. Her son had some red spots on his skin after he was born just like our baby. Then, my husband bought the soap, but it caused more red spots. I thought it was because the soap mixed with the warm water we used to bath our baby and after that we didn't use clean warm water to rinse our baby. After several days, I saw my baby had more red spots and I realized that I used the wrong soap. It turned out after I used regular soap and I changed my baby's clothes often when it is wet, the red spots on my baby's skin disappeared.

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